His strong nose had led him to a plain not too far away, where a small herd of spotted deer had gathered to feed graciously. Ceirc’eth smirked to himself, forcing himself to keep quiet as he wanted to let out a dark chuckle. He hadn’t had any fresh meat for a while and he could feel his mouth water at the thought. Soft, tender and rare meat was a rare treat – once he appreciated once in a while. He had grown tired of vegetable soup, dry beans and bird eggs. 
He equipped his bow, deciding to go with some easy iron arrows – no need to waste good weaponry on such a weak prey. He kneeled to the ground, one foot parallel while the other shifted into 90 degrees. Shoulders tensed and with clamp fingers he pulled the string back, being careful to keep his left arm straight with a slight bend. And then he let go.
“Swoosh” It hit, bullseye. Refusing to move for another minute, Ceirc’eth held his breath as he watched the herd look around in confusion before breaking into mass panic. He had no need to fell another, as one was more than enough to feed him for several days. Besides, he had learned to not take more than what he needed from nature – he had a deep respect for the Earth. How it could in one moment, be a ruthless and never-ending nightmare to a summers dream with a fully blue sky and a slight breathe of wind. He padded forwards, keeping his ears open just in case of danger. The scent of blood was strong in the air and it only increased in strength the closer he got to his prey. A small smirk gained it’s way to his lips and he crouched down, tail twitching in glee.
 ”Nom. Dinner.”