[[This turned out to be more fun than I thought it was. Got a bit lazy on the coloring of this one, but I have chores to do! Out of questions, too. ]]
Ceirc’eth: I am quite content with being a Khajiit. 
[[He is a bit of a sexist, sometimes.]]
That fool cannot follow me, not over this wall - anyway!  

[[Good practice for drawing bodies, woh! I just realized I forgot to add like… speed-stripes to make it seem like he’s in motion? Oh well. ]] 
[[Didn’t really have much time before classes today! His scars are a sore topic for Ceirc’eth, maybe when you know him better he will reveal his history!]]
[[Really trying to get him into character here, how fun!]]
[[Welcome to ask anything. Will reply with pictures!]]